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We are delighted to introduce Ebonee Mashae from She is a style enthusiast and lifestyle expert known for her impeccable taste and keen eye for detail. Ebonee style is filled with elegance and sophistication. From fashion and decor to personal growth and wellness, Ebonee will guide you in transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences. 

Join us as she brings her unique perspective and expertise by her sharing insights, tips, and inspirations to help you live a life rich in beauty and detail.


What is your summer uniform?

My summer uniform is a dress! I lovvvve dresses. Actually year round. I can get away with it in Florida. 

For those visiting Florida in the summer, what do you recommend them to pack when deciding what to wear?
If someone is visiting here in the summer I recommend bringing a hat since the sun is intense, while it adds to an outfit. It’s a win win. 
Where is a must visit spot/thing to do for those visiting Florida during the summer?
My “must” visit spot is St. Augustine. It’s the oldest city in America and the boat tours are my personal favorite. Since I don’t live too far away, I’ll book a boat ride and enjoy seeing the dolphins at sunset. 
Where would you wear the Catalina dress and how would you style it?
I’d wear my Catalina dress to a nice dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in St. Augustine and order their shrimp tacos and tres leche cake!
What are additional favorite pieces from our new summer collection?
My favorite pieces from the collection are the Tanya midi skirt and Melissa top set. It’s also great for dining alfresco. Also, the Bianca ruffle dress is also my favorite. The accessories that I carry all of the time are the Ines wallet clutch and the Vanessa butterfly handbag. The perfect summer staples. 

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