Embrace the Essence of Madeira Island This Summer


Our summer collection has taken inspiration from the captivating Madeira Island, renowned for its stunning landscapes, picture like waters, and charming coastal towns. This collection seamlessly embodies the island's essence, featuring a delightful palette of teals reminiscent of the ocean, exquisite pearl jewelry with oyster statements, posey pinks inspired by the island's cliff flowers, and coral roof tones. Join us on a virtual journey to Madeira Island as we explore the highlights of this remarkable collection.

Teals Inspired by the Ocean: The azure shades of the ocean that surround Madeira Island have served as the muse for the collection's striking teal hues. From flowing maxi dresses to lightweight blouses, this color palette evokes a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. Imagine yourself strolling along the island's pristine beaches or enjoying a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters. The teals in this collection will transport you to those blissful moments.

New Pearl Jewelry with Oyster Statements: Pearls, often associated with timeless elegance, have been given a modern twist in this collection. Drawing inspiration from the island's abundant marine life, we introduced two new pieces that are a stunning array of pearl jewelry featuring unique oyster statements. Delicate earrings and necklace are adorned with lustrous pearls and intricate oyster pendant will add a touch of sophistication and glamour to any summer ensemble.

Posey Pinks Inspired by Cliff Flowers: Madeira Island is famous for its dramatic cliffs, which come alive during the summer with a burst of vibrant flowers. The collection pays homage to these blooming cliffside wonders with posey pinks. These soft, feminine tones grace flowy sundresses and chic tops, creating an enchanting aesthetic reminiscent of the island's floral paradise. Wear these pieces and immerse yourself in the gentle breezes that carry the fragrance of the cliff flowers.

The new summer collection draws inspiration from the captivating Madeira Island, offering fashion enthusiasts a unique opportunity to embrace its natural beauty and charm. The teals reminiscent of the island's ocean waters, the pearl jewelry with oyster statements, the posey pinks inspired by cliffside flowers, and the coral roof tones inspired by traditional houses come together to create a collection that captures the spirit of this remarkable destination. By adorning yourself in these exquisite pieces, you'll not only look stylish but also carry a piece of Madeira Island's allure with you wherever you go this summer.

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