All in the Detail's Winter Collection Will Brighten Any Day

Could your wardrobe use a winter refresh? If the dark and dreary days of winter have you longing for a pick-me-up, a peek at our 2021 Winter Collection will brighten your spirits. We've curated an eclectic mix of separates that are comfortable, easy wear, easy care pieces to add to your wardrobe. Here's a look at three of our newest items: Poppy Hand Embroidered Oversized Blouse, Nadia Floral Blouse, and Felicity Faux Leather Leggings.

All in the Detail's Winter Collection

Poppy Hand Embroidered Oversized Blouse

The Poppy Blouse is an oversized button-up blouse with a touch of style in the form of a wide collar and extra-long cuffs. But what makes the Poppy Blouse really stand out is the custom embroidery. We partnered with Miar Clothing by Valerija, a woman-owned Etsy shop, to embroider the All in the Detail floral logo on the front pocket and right arm sleeve of this blouse. We especially love the way the teal blue embroidery thread that pops against the crisp white of this blouse.

All in the Detail's Winter Collection

Nadia Floral Blouse

The Nadia Blouse is a black floral blouse that is anything but dark. Bright, bold, colorful florals in blues, pink, cherry red, and emerald green cover this button-up blouse for an upbeat and energetic feel. Delicate ruffled edging at the cuffs and collar add a touch of softness and femininity to this versatile blouse. Dress it up, dress it down; whichever way you choose to wear it, the Nadia Blouse will get you through the season in style.

All in the Detail's Winter Collection

Felicity Faux Leather Leggings

Felicity is for anyone who has a love-hate relationship with leather pants. You love the look but hate how hard leather is to care for. Felicity are our faux-leather leggings that are machine washable! These black leggings with brown undertones look like the real thing with several added bonuses. Bonus #1: Machine washable. Wash on a gentle cold cycle and lay them flat to air dry. Bonus #2: Stretchy material. Felicity is made with spandex for the ultimate ease of movement and comfort. Bonus #3: Mid-High waisted. You can wear Felicity with crop tops and other short tops without fear of your legging sliding a little too low. The mid-high waist and stretchy fabric stay in place and protect your modesty while looking great!

Treat Yourself to Winter Wardrobe Refresh 

If your closet could use some new items, be sure to view and shop our full Winter Collection. We are in love with these new pieces and so excited to share them with you!


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